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Business And Job Contest - Alternative Opportunities
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TOPIC: Business And Job Contest - Alternative Opportunities

Business And Job Contest - Alternative Opportunities 8 years, 11 months ago #2616

What do you prefer more, to have an owner or to have freedom of choice and open possibilities for your talent, skills and abilities? Jobs, business and fun - as organizers we are searching for creative professionals from diverse sectors and industries, as business partners we are looking for producers of metallic and paper money, contest has been launched for best design of new banknotes and coins, and for official song of innovative alternative worth appraisal and exchange system.


Crom Alternative Exchange Association, organization without territorial operating limits.


On the specially designed section of our communication platform.


From September 1st to 15th December of the current year 2012.


Because people are not things so that they have an owner, to live like a man means to have a choice, to be free to express our own true nature, explore, discover and build our future according to our will.

Because monetary reform as a fundamental premise of positive social changes that can lead us to a sustainable community of interconnected life systems in which collective happiness and wellbeing of living organisms reigns, does not look like utopian vision because global population does not want it, but because in ambient with the dominant culture of the general indifference and denial broadcasted unceasingly from all public and corporative weapons for mass distraction, the largest number of citizens are afraid or not capable to participate in it.


Finalization of the implementation of transparent, stable, self-sustainable and balanced alternative to the monopolized conventional 'fiat' money system through which, having no other option, at their own expense, both at national and international level, communities and individuals as producers are simply forced by amassing out of nothing created interest bearing debts to participate not only in destructive economy of pumping financial and political bubbles, but also in suppression of freedom of creative and critical thinking.

1) With the purpose of strengthening of our organizational structure, we are looking at international level for following professional figures:

- experts in alternative, local and complementary currencies;
- experts for approving loans and mortgages;
- commercialists;
- experts in 'legal' and 'lawful' concepts of justice;
- engineers;
- business consultants;
- marketing specialists;
- good connoisseurs of technology, food and energy sectors;
- experts in company restructuring;
- M&A experts;
- experts in opening of foreign branches;
- sales engineers;
- informatics experts and programmers;
- journalists and writers.

Candidate characteristics:

- knowledge of English language;
- awareness of the monetary problem, understanding of social, business and economic problematic;
- organizational skills;
- creativity, spirit of initiative and communicativeness;
- sympathy towards decentralization and simplicity.

The association offers:

- employment in managerial and professional positions;
- negotiable salary.

2) Currency design contest:

Anent planned upcoming issuance of Crom paper banknote and Crom precious metals coin - universal ethical money which integrates characteristics of unit of account, means of payment, medium of exchange and store of value, in order to actively involve the general public into monetary reform and social transformation process, we are opening a contest for their best design.

All submitted digital designs must be in high resolution. Choice of motifs for all banknotes and coins is free. All terms and phrases on banknotes and coins are in English language.

Banknote dimensions: 5 CROM 120mm x 62mm, 10 CROM 127mm x 67mm, 20 CROM 133mm x 72mm.

Each design must contain elements of protection against counterfeiting, including serial number.
Relative denominations in numbers and letters must be clearly recognizable and visibly notable on both two sides of all banknotes.

One side of the banknote contains: "CROM", "MEASURE OF VALUE AND VALUE OF MEASURE" and "Payable to the bearer on demand, in corresponding quantity of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium."

The other side of the banknote contains: "CROM ALTERNATIVE EXCHANGE ASSOCIATION", "- Free Currencies - Free Markets - Free People - Free Planet -" and "WORTH APPRAISAL AND EXCHANGE SYSTEM".

Image: Simple example of paper banknote

The dimensions of the metallic coins of one, two, and fifty crom, will be determined later. All designs must contain elements of protection against counterfeiting.

On one side, "CROM" and relative denomination must be clearly recognizable and visibly notable. Same side of the coins contains "MEASURE OF VALUE AND VALUE OF MEASURE", or "MEASURE OF VALUE" and "VALUE OF MEASURE".

The other side of the coins contains chemical symbols for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium: "Au", "Ag", "Pt", "Pd" and "Rh".

Image: Simple example of precious metal coins

3) As business partners, we are looking for individuals and/or companies able to:

- print high-quality paper money;

- mint high-quality metallic coins.

4) We are opening the contest for the official song of Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System.

The theme of the song is "Free Currencies - Free Markets - Free People - Free Planet". Song lyrics must be in English language and should spread positive vibrations. The duration of the song is not specified. Musical style is not important, the song can be in rock, heavy metal, blues, country, rap, reggae or any other rhythm by free choice. Songs should not be protected by any copyright or other rights. The contest is open to bands, and both professional musicians and amateur artists.


1) Show your sincere and good intentions by publishing anywhere on Internet a short article about why do you think that call of Crom Alternative Exchange Association for monetary reform makes sense. Text can be in any language, and must include a link to this organization.

After that, your application for this contest should be sent to association[at] in the form of curriculum vitae and one photo.
Subsequently, user name and password will be provided to you along with a link to the page with restricted access, where, depending on who and what you are, you have to:

- briefly introduce yourself to others (name, country, city, occupation);

- propose organigram of the team oriented ambient in which individuals are contributing to the successful work of entire organization and achievement of predetermined objectives by performing specific functions in particular departments and through collective cooperation, among which, monetary sovereignty, food sovereignty and energy sovereignty are highlighted as those with the highest priority;

- recommend ways of raising the initial funds;

- suggest acceptable and correct manner of monetization of this web site, including alternative news, forum and link directory, and make proposals for improvement and further development of their functioning;

- present proposals for improvement and further development of Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System, including current solution for covering the cost of its functioning;

- make proposal on best and easiest ways how to attract people and companies to start using Crom Alternative Currency instead of traditional debt-money;

- recommend the most appropriate way to communicate idea, attract attention and expand network of members and partners;

- propose innovations and introduction of new services in offer of our organization.

2) Email digital designs and author information to association[at]
Final versions of Crom banknotes and Crom coins will be made in collaboration with the authors of selected works that will be proclaimed winners in a special and appropriate way. As a part of that event, all other received designs of Crom paper money and Crom metal money will also be published on these pages.

3) Regardless of whether you are interested in business partnership - through which Crom Alternative Currency besides in electronic form will also start to be issued in forms of paper banknote and precious metal coin - only in material sense or your motivation is of ethical nature too, you can participate in contest by communicating your offers and proposals on the special web page with restricted access.
It is enough to send us your photo and personal information via email at association[at] and we will provide you with a username, password and link.

4) As they arrive, all songs will be published on these pages, and the best one will be declared in a special and appropriate way.
The procedure to participate in the contest:

- upload your song music video (live) to YouTube;

- textual description of the video on YouTube: Song themed "Free Currencies - Free Markets - Free People - Free Planet" with which BAND NAME participates in the contest of Crom Alternative Exchange Association for the official song of Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System. More information at

- contact us at association[at] with basic information about the author, song lyrics and link to YouTube.
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